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Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Exercise... or Not....

Every day I go through the challenge of making sure I exercise. Once I start I am good, but getting to that point can be difficult. I have an argument that goes on inside my head each time. This is what it sounds like today:

Weak me "I don't want to exercise today"
Strong me "Why not?"
Weak me "Oh... I'm on my period, it's cold outside, I have a headache, there isn't enough time, I have homework to do, I have work to do, and there is a hole in my yoga pants."
Strong me "...... you wuss"
Weak me (sticks tongue out)
Strong me "no more excuses, just do it!"
Weak me "...dang it..."

Does that sound familiar to anyone? It happens whether I like it or not... so for weak "me"s I am posting this to help with the decision making:
So... with that said, it's almost ZUMBA time!!!

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