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Monday, February 27, 2012

In the beginning... there was FAT.

My name is Whitney (Winny) and I have decided to share with you my journey from "fat" to "fit".  I will be trying different diets and exercises in an attempt to, once and for all, shed what has yo-yoed on my body for years. I will track my progress daily and share my results with you. Lets get started!

In the beginning... there was FAT:

Height: 5'0"
Age: 26 years
Starting weight: 183 lbs
Goal weight: 115-125 lbs
Weight to lose: around 60 lbs
Deadline: around Summer time

Thanks everyone, see you soon!!!


  1. Hi, I saw your photo on pinterest. Thought I would pop in say hello! I have a 'fit' blog too. Good luck.

    1. Hello!! I like your blog as well :D Good luck to us both!!

  2. Found you on Pinterest! You can do it!