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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And.... now I'm back yet again!

It's been nearly 6 months since my last post, but I have had a LOT of issues and am officially back!
I have since had my gall bladder removed, been in a serious car accident, had a kidney stone, started 2 jobs, and am still going to school while doing freelance art on the side. 

I have maintained my weight throughout. However, I had hoped that I would lose at least a little. But I understand why I have not. I have been far too stressed and also not been sleeping enough.

So... this is the new plan:
I will make at least 1 post per day 
I will upload 1 picture of me per week
I will upload 1 recipe a day 
I will keep a record of not only what I eat, but my measurements as well.

Wish me luck on my new start, I hope this one works for me. 
See you on the morrow for day 1!!!