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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Back... Timidly

Hello Everyone. I am back and am hoping to be back to stay.
However, I have a lot going on and it "might" be distracting. Yet I will do my best!

I have had a very rude and scary wake up call this week.  I have had some very dark moments and am now hopeful and determined! Here is what happened:
Monday night as I was driving home from school I had a sharp stabbing pain shoot through my chest. I had had them before, but passed them off as pleurisy pains. They usually would happen once and then go away for a month or so. However, this time it was REALLY bad and I nearly crashed my car. I got home high on adrenaline but not bad. Then within an half hour I had 8-10 more attacks.  I couldn't breathe, I was clutching my chest, wondering if I would have to go to the hospital. 
I don't have insurance and all the insta-cares were already closed. After the attacks subsided, I decided to wait out the night and go to a regular doctor to minimize my cost. For my stupidity, I experienced another set of attacks in the middle of the night.
I went in to the doctor on Tuesday, and was told I have gallstones. I had blood drawn and received the results today, stating that I also have borderline hepatitis . Part of the cause, according to the doctor, was my gallstones, the other is that when I was younger my pain killer of choice was acetaminophen (Ibuprofen). I would take 8 for each headache.

My mother had gallstones and her gallbladder removed in her 40s, I am only 26. It was really drilled into my head today JUST how unhealthy I am! At my young age I have the following already:
Acid Reflux
Sleep Apnea
Kidney Stones
Gallstones (and pending my tests next week: Gallbladder infection)
Almost Hepatitis
If I were to lose weight a lot of these would either go away or greatly reduce.

There is also a history of Diabetes in my family and, if I continue on my current route, I am sure to get it before long.

Needless to say this has opened my eyes and I am now MORE determined than ever, so lets get back on track shall we? I REFUSE to condemn myself to this fate, and will take my discouraged mood and re-purpose it as determination.

(check out my second start tomorrow morning with some kick-butt motivation!)


  1. Welcome back girl! Now you know what you need to do, let's get ramped up and super motivated to DO this! Your health is so important! I'm here for you! Go go go!!

  2. Thank you :) I'm determined now more than ever!